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Washington, DC Remodeling Ideas

No city in the U.S. has more history, significance, and grandeur per square mile than Washington D.C. It’s simply amazing. Not everyone can say that they live in the city that is the capitol of America…the capitol of the free world. We can. We’ll admit that we have our share of problems—a few too many visitors now and then, and the confusion over whether we’re a city, state, county, or none of the above (c’mon, we’re a district!), but as it is, we like where we live.

We love the parks (they are everywhere). We love the organization of the city (even though traffic stinks). We love the tons of art centers, museums, and area attractions (yeah, there are quite a lot), and we love the way that our homes are part of the very essence of what Washington D.C. is all about. Not everyone has a homestead like the big white one at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but we’re pretty proud of what we’ve got.

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