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St. Louis Remodeling Contractors and Design Ideas

It’s hard to get more American than St. Louis—quintessentially, completely American. We’ve got sports, the Mississippi River, rag music, breweries aplenty, Lewis & Clark memories… and don’t forget the Gateway Arch. Not that we don’t love diversity. We’ve come a long way since the North City vs. South City segregation, and we cherish our predominately Polish and German sections of the city. After all, the essence of America is diversity.

Reflecting the true American spirit, we love our homes, too. Though we have to fight the mosquitoes and houseflies more than most, our homes are symbols of America. They’re regal. They’re comfortable. They have screened-in porches and whitewashed fences. They’re characterized by the simplicity of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer. St. Louis is what America is all about.

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