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Awesome. Cultured. Educated. Seattle is a city with few equals. Our location here - thousands of miles away from New York, Chicago or D.C. - is precisely what has given our city its position of distinction. We’ve formed a culture all our own.

That same culture is reflected in our homes. The nature-loving, coffee-drinking, intellectually-inclining, rain-enduring attitude of Seattleites somehow shows in the way we design our houses, decorate our walls and remodel our kitchens. Seattle has taken leadership in green building innovation and LEED accreditation. Financial success is a hallmark of the Seattle resident, and as incomes grow, so does the ability to create living spaces that are at once beautiful, convenient, and oh so… Seattle. Just the way we like it.

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How much will Window Replacement cost you?

Here is what people around Seattle have said about CalFinder Contractors:

Bald Eagle built a storage shed and remodeled our bathroom, replacing the existing bathtub with a handicap shower. The work they performed was exemporary. Outstanding and complete workmanship was very good. I highly recommend them for any work you are considering. They are resonable in their cost, and they had no cost over-runs.

Maurice Phillips, Graham, WA 98338

Did a great job on our remodeling. Even made suggestions to the design to improve the use of space on the second floor.

Rita, Renton

The installers were especially great!

Megan McArthur, Seattle, WA