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Philly. It’s notorious for cheesesteaks, hoagies, Rocky, murals, the Eagles, the Flyers, the Phillies, the 76ers, soft pretzels, Ben Franklin, Edgar Allen Poe, Center City, the Delaware, Villanova, LaSalle, Drexel, and a bell with a crack in it. Oh, and it’s famous for it’s raw, straightforward, as-it-is dose of Americana. Philly, it can be said, is it…the real thing.

People call us the city of brotherly love, but there are all kinds of reasons to love Philly, beyond just the kinship. Philly is massive population center, thriving, teeming, alive, and energetic. It has the energy of New York City, the cultural depth of Paris, the aura of D.C. and the fashion of L.A.—but it’s a city all its own. It’s Philadelphia. No matter how you slice it, Philly is the ultimate, all-American, awe-inspiring city.

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Top notch

Bill, PA

dont know yet

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They have a terrific product and the price is good, too.

Susanna S., Kunkletown, PA