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Pasadena Remodeling Ideas

We’re the city of the Rose Bowl, Caltech and NASA. We’re also the hometown of Adolphus Busch—of beer and garden fame. We’re the hometown of William Wrigley, the king of chewing gum. We’re even home to the Procter and Gamble family—thank you for the toothpaste. Oh yes, the Bissell family lives here, too. You may have a vacuum cleaner with their name on it.

But Pasadena isn’t just full of millionaire mansions, gum magnates and carpet-sweeping inventors. Pasadena is full of regular people like you and me, with regular houses that we try to imbue with an aspect of the extraordinary. We do what we can. We remodel. We grow. We build. And whether ours is a 12,000-square foot Victorian mansion, or a simple ranch home with rose bushes in the front yard, we love where we live.

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