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New Orleans Home Remodeling Ideas

Of all the American cities, not a single one has more personality, soul, culture and authenticity than New Orleans. The Big Easy, whether because of Katrina or Mardi Gras, is one of the most-talked about, most celebrated, and most-cherished cities in America, or in the world, for that matter.

As a New Orleanian, the things that make our city distinctive is what makes me distinctive. It starts with my Cajun origins—and the fact that I know where to find the best jambalaya and gumbo anywhere. Yes, I like my coffee with chicory, and I prefer Praline to a Payday candy bar any day. One cannot discuss New Orleans without talking about cuisine. There is so much culturally that sets our city apart—from the Saint Louis Cathedral to popular Bourbon Street. From the home of the Saints (Superbowl victors) to the one and only spot for celebrating Mardi Gras, this is New Orleans.

Red beans and ricely yours (it’s an inside joke),

~A fellow resident

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