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Windows Revealed

We often take windows for granted, but they really play a key role in our home design. They provide light, style, and ventilation, as well as energy control. Proper placement and window design are important to consider when remodeling or adding an addition. Having a clear picture of your intentions ahead of time will help to ensure the proper placement.

  • Window frames. Window frames are manufactured out of wood, steel, fiberglass, vinyl, and aluminum. They can either be stained, come pre-colored, or painted.
  • Window glassĀ­. The glass in the window is one of the most important elements. Not only does it provide light and style, but energy efficiency also. Tempered, laminated, or plastic panels can bring greater security against possible intruders.
  • Window hardware. Common on older windows, window cranks are handles that you crank to open a window. Window latches keep the window closed and help deter intruders. Some windows come with additional locks for added security. Hinges are found on designs such as double-hung, awning, hopper, and casement windows.
  • Window design. Windows come in multiple shapes and sizes, and serve many functional purposes. Bay windows extend outwards and work wonderfully for a small kitchen garden. Horizontal slider windows have one fixed pane and one sliding pane that opens horizontally. Double-hung windows open both from the top and the bottom. Casement windows open outward from side-mounted hinges. An awning window tilts outward at the bottom, and a hopper window opens outward from the top.
  • Window location. Window placement is very important not only for design purposes, but for taking full advantage of climate changes. South-facing windows capture the more heat from the sun, whereas, western-facing windows capture the glare from the setting sun. Depending on your climate, plan your windows to capture the proper amount of warmth without taking on too much heat in the summer.

You can have the most expensive, beautiful windows in the world but unless they are properly installed, they will be worthless. Windows must be properly mounted, caulked, and sealed to prevent water and insect infiltration, and to maximize energy efficiency Hiring an experienced, professional contractor will ensure your window installation is correct and long-lasting.

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