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Window Choices for Small Rooms

With increased awareness of eco-friendly homes, more is being done with less. All too often homes are built with large, wasted spaces. This translates into energy inefficiency and waste of building products. Initially, a small room may present some design difficulties, but when done correctly, it can be perfectly attractive and functional. Window placement is important to small room design; and windows can actually aid in creating a larger feel. More light always makes a room appear larger, and some of the following suggestions can help to achieve that look.

One approach to create the illusion of a larger room is to install a large picture window in an exterior wall. By replacing the barrier of a wall with large windowpanes, you can draw the eye to the view outside and extend the room to the outdoors. Placement of windows can be equally important. Put windows or French doors in front of decks or patios and accentuate the positives instead of the negatives. What is beyond the window attracts attention instead of the size of the room.

Highlight the height of the walls by using large panes and installing a sun-burst or accent window above the windows. Avoid grid panes and bulky window treatments as these muddle the effect.

Try creating an artistic design with your windows. An example of this would be an arched topped grid window, topped with another small window above. Not only would the windows be beautiful, but they’d also add height to the room creating the illusion of a larger space. Another option – install narrow windows consecutively around the room with decorative moldings in-between.

Theaddition of a French or sliding glass door can add lighting, attractiveness,and a graceful entrance to an outside patio or landscape. One of the best choices for a small space, a skylight or solar-tube optimizes natural lighting and makes use of ceiling space.

The appearance of the windows is important as well. Old, unattractive windows can really be a detriment. Try replacing your existing windows with one of the many dazzling window choices on the market today. Choose from several beautiful frame and glass options. What better way to dress up a small space than with sophisticated windows?

Finally,complement your new windows with a light color palette, reflective mirrors, appropriate furniture placement, and finishing touches. Transform your small room into an attractive and comfortable living space. Call one of our certified window contractors today for an estimate for your remodel project.

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