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Glass Invention Cuts Energy Costs

If your energy bill gives you a mild heart attack every month, don’t worry. Help is here. Minnesota-based Sage Electrochromics, Inc. has amped up the search for more efficient green technology with their remarkable invention: a new window that can be switched on to absorb or deflect 98 percent of the sun’s heat and rays depending on the temperature outside.

Sage was given a hefty nudge toward manufacturing their design, with $103 million in guaranteed loans from the Department of Energy, a $31 million-dollar break from the Advanced Energy Manufacturing Tax Credit, and an additional $72 million to get a facility up and running.

According to Energy Secretary Chu, this invention alone could decrease an average structure’s energy usage by 28 percent, which means a massive drop in energy usage worldwide.

So how does this wonder work exactly? The window glass is coated with metal oxides, allowing for manipulation of how much light and heat is absorbed or reflected away. A switch controls the increase or decrease in window tint (from clear to darkly tinted), essentially diminishing the need for heat and air conditioning.

With the potential for slashing energy prices and completely changing how we impact our environment, this is one product we’ll be waiting for.

Source: CleanTechnica

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