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What Organizations License Window Installers?

No contractor should touch a home remodel without an up-to-date license. Contractors know this. That’s why many choose to display their license number on their van or truck, to clear the air up-front about licensing. So what exactly does a window license entail?


Window installers, like any other building contractor, must have a license to perform work. These licenses are issued by state and are typically only valid within that state. Homeowners should be sure to question a contractor with an out-of-state builder’s license. This does not necessarily mean that the license is invalid, but it’s worth an inquiry.

Window contractors in your state will most likely have a General Construction license, and that is fine. There may be separate licenses for glass experts; they change out glass panes only or do other specialized work. Specialized licenses are available for trades like plumbing, electrical, and perhaps painting. A contractor may have more than one license. Note that in most cases, a contractor must qualify for a general license before pursuing a specialized license. More specific credentials are available for contractors who specialize in window installation. Look into certifications for window installers from organizations like the American Window and Door Institute (AWDI).

In order to obtain a contractor’s license from their state, an installer must demonstrate knowledge, experience and expertise in construction. A licensed contractor will have at least a state-set amount of previous experience, knowledge of construction law in the state, and will have been tested for skills in their trade.

Some states also require a contractor to pay a state license bond.


Window installers are likely to need a separate business license as well. This is a requirement in many states, counties and cities, and simply gives the contractor the right to own and operate a business in that state or municipality. It also lets the homeowner know that their contractor is registered and monitored by the state. Rules and regulations regarding business licenses will vary depending on city, country or state laws.

On that note, many states also require a business owner to pay a license bond. This is a surety bond that acts as a monetary safety net for clients, employees and vendors. If a contractor violates State License Law, the state license board will discipline the contractor, but will not cover outstanding debts to employees or material vendors. That is what the bond is for. Contractors must renew bonds in the same way they renew contractor licenses, but not to the same entity.

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