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Unconventional Window Shapes, An Asset and a Boon

Windows are an essential part of home design, and having the proper placement, the right sizes, and the right energy glazes are all important elements. Most windows come in fairly standard sizes, either rectangular or square. Occasionally, you’ll notice a more unusual window such as a circle or an octagon. Are these viewed as attractive assets or deterring detriments?

Unconventional window shapes can be very stunning, especially when arranged in combination with standard windows or doors. A sunburst configuration adorning a French door can optimize a spectacular view, as well as create a wall of light. It is actually fairly common in rooms with high ceilings to include some form of window higher up the wall. These can be anything from small rectangles to triangles. You may also find unusual windows in small bathrooms or upstairs rooms. If a room is too small to accommodate a standard window, the designer might try to do something more unusual to bring the needed light and ventilation, while camouflaging the small space.

Although unconventional window shapes can be very attractive, they must be properly placed to be assets. If an unusual window is misplaced, it will only turn heads for the wrong reasons. Think ahead to resale marketability as well. What may seem a unique touch to you may only appear odd to others. Other negative factors you may encounter would be trying to fit window coverings, or replacement windows. Cleaning can also be difficult if the windows are in a high location. The older, antique windows present problems all of their own. The old, wood frames are host to single-paned, drafty glass panels. There are no set measurements, with each varying by a few degrees.

Your choice of window design should also take into account the intended purpose for the window. If you need to fill certain light and ventilation needs, you may have to be a bit more practical in your selections. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative and find a configuration that is both practical and attractive. Work with your window contractor to choose the right windows and to ensure they are properly installed.

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