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How do Storm Doors Work?

A storm door is an “extra” exterior door installed over an existing door. More common in northern climates, a storm door acts as insulation by trapping a layer of air between the first door and the storm door.

Manufactured in solid wood, insulated aluminum, or vinyl, most doors have a solid wood core. The different core options are broken down below by the Thermatru™ company.

  • Polyurethane Foam Core: offers five times the energy efficiency of a wood door and is CFC-free.
  • Classic-Craft®: offers a solid wood square edge that reproduces the look of a real wood door. Wood lock stile runs the entire length of the door to add structural integrity.
  • Smooth-Star® & Fiber-Classic®: offers a solid wood lock block for reinforcement.
  • ProEdge™: offers durable steel edge construction with advanced lock reinforcement.
  • Profiles™: offers wood edge construction with solid wood lock block for reinforcement.

Treated with a special sealant to keep moisture out, storm doors are resistant to twisting, denting, warping, sagging, and strenuous forces. Specially engineered hinges that come in many attractive finishes are made to withstand heavy winds and high-stress impact. Doors are made for optimum energy efficiency, with magnetic weather stripping for additional pest and air control. Storm doors can also add extra security to your home as a double barrier to deter intruders.

Storm doors can be attractive, as well as practical. Available in several different styles including ranch, colonial, contemporary, Tudor, and cottage, you’re guaranteed to find just the right door to fit the style of your home. Add more beauty with glass panels; choose from full view, mid view, or high view. Select from lovely leaded, beveled, or clear glass, or even stained glass patterns. A solid door can be attractive as well, painted or stained a color of your choosing.

A storm door can be useful in summer months as well. Some include removable glass panels that can be replaced with screens for warmer periods. Some space-saving designs even sport the option to store screens and glass panels within the door when not in use.

Affordable for any homeowner, storm doors range in price, with basic models at around $80 to more elaborate designs at around $400. Whatever the initial cost, the energy efficiency of the door will save you money over time. Additionally, the Federal government offers tax incentives to homeowners who install storm doors because of their energy efficient qualities. The storm door is designed to reduce air leakage and draftiness by creating a tight fitting seal, maintaining energy efficiency in all seasons.

With rising energy costs, adding a storm door to your home can be a cost-saving decision, creating an elegant entrance to your home at the same time. Contact one of our certified contractors today to receive a free estimate for installing a storm door on your home.


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