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Replacing a Broken Window

Replacing a broken or old windows or one that has slipped out of the frame is relatively easy and can be done as a DIY project. The trick is getting the measurements for the new glass and then removing the old piece without destroying the frame.

To start, you’ll need gloves and eye goggles to work on the broken piece of glass. Get a grip on the broken glass and gently rock it out of the frame; repeat this process on the remaining sections of broken glass. If the glass is still in one piece, take a hammer and gently tap the glass to loosen and remove.

Once the window glass is removed, scrape away all glass shards and putty crumbs from the frame. A rag and bristle brush should be enough to clean and prepare this area. As you’re removing the debris, you’ll notice some triangular shaped metal pins sticking through the frame. These are glazier points. They actually hold the glass in place. Remove them with pliers or a screw driver. It’s a good idea to mark their holes; you’ll need them for the new window.

Now that the frame is clean, give it a coat of exterior paint and wait for it dry. In the meantime, take vertical and horizontal measurements of the opening. In order to have enough room to work the new glass in, subtract an eighth of an inch from each side. In other words, if one side measures at 12 inches, order the new piece at 11-7/8 inches. Just fill in the frame with extra putty to compensate. The paint is dry and you’re ready to install the window. Purchase some glazing compound and then mix it in a can. With your putty knife scoop it out and proceed to spread a thin layer of compound all the way around the window frame. Take your new glass and insert it into the frame with the compound. Now go around the frame and secure the window with glazier points; tap them in just halfway.

Use the rest of your compound to seal the window. Start right where the glass meets the frame and then smooth the putty into the shape of the frame. You can do this by running your putty knife along the edge of the frame. As a final touch, tap in the rest of your glazier points and add a fresh coat of paint.

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