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Pros and Cons to Barred Windows

Most homeowners would agree that burglar bars on the house windows are not very attractive and suggest a run-down or crime-ridden area. But security bars are an effective deterrent against theft and home break-ins. So what’s the answer, bars or no-bars?


If you’re determined to stop burglaries and home invasion from occurring, security bars send a loud message. They tell potential thieves to stay away, because breaking in will only them cost them time and money — something burglars don’t have a lot of. According to most security firms, barred windows are a strong crime deterrent for two reasons: the visual intimidation they present and potential noise created while trying to circumvent these barriers.

So why don’t more people install bars on their homes? Obviously nobody likes their home to resemble a prison, nor do their neighbors.

However, you can purchase sliding or rolling metal bars for windows or get decorative wrought iron to create a somewhat happy medium. Another option could be to protect basement and garage windows or areas of the house that are hidden from sight— burglars tend to work these locations more frequently.


While it’s a good thing to protect your home’s valuables, window bars aren’t the most attractive thing you put on your house. It drives down property values and tends to isolate individual homeowners. If you have to put up bars on the home windows, it says a lot about the safety of the neighborhood. Organizing watch programs and posting neighborhood watch signs could be more productive in the long run.

Safety issues are also at stake. Current building codes and local laws prohibit the use of window bars that are not easily opened from inside. In case of fire or emergency, security bars need to quickly snap open from the inside to allow for evacuation. Older security bars or rolling grills may be potential hazards in this regard.



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