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How Much is the Average Window Replacement?

Pricing replacement windows is a stressful project to tackle on your own. Unless you know exactly which brand and style of window you want to buy from the get-go, expect a lot of detective work. There are a multitude of manufacturers, window types, sizes, and glass and hardware options, all of which affect the price of the window.

The best way to start is to call up a reputable window contractor, especially if you plan to contract out the installation. These professionals have some important benefits to offer. They know offhand which brands of windows are readily available in your area and they’ll quote you a price that includes every aspect of installation.

Here are some average window replacement prices. The biggest factors that may alter these window cost estimates are frame material, glass type and size of window. Still, these averages provide a good benchmark from which to evaluate your window replacement project.

2’x4’ Single Hung

  • Aluminum - $200
  • Vinyl - $350
  • Wood - $500

3’x4’ Double Hung

  • Aluminum - $300
  • Vinyl - $500
  • Wood - $700

2’x4’ Casement

  • Vinyl - $500
  • Wood - $1,000

4’x4’ Picture/Fixed

  • Aluminum - $150
  • Vinyl - $400
  • Wood - $600

8’ Bay Window

  • Vinyl - $1,400
  • Wood - $1,800

It’s difficult to give universally reliable estimates online because of the many variations that one type of window can take. The above examples do give an idea of size, but there are many sizes to choose from. The odds are fairly good, especially on older homes, that window openings will have unique dimensions. This either requires some carpentry work to adjust the rough opening or a custom-made window, which drives costs up to a significant extent.In return, however, you get professional removal, installation and the disposal of the old windows.

How much will Window Replacement cost you?

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