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Glass Art: Different, Yet Appealing

Glass art – the use of glass as an artistic medium. There are a few ways you can turn glass into art. Stained glass, lampworking, glass beadmaking, glass casting, glass fusing, and glass blowing – all very fun to do! The use of glass in correspondence to art developed in Egypt and Assyria. It was introduced by the Romans (who are well known for glass blowing). If you know of Venetian glass, then you probably know it originates from Murano, highly considered to be the “birth place” of modern glass art.

Unique Creations

Glass art is created by an artist with sculptural and decorative statements in mind. Never will you see a boring or ugly piece of glass art. And usually the prices of these fine artistic inspirations range from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars. You find that glass art is very popular in the USA, Czech, Italy, UK, Japan, Australia, Mexico, The Netherlands, and Belgium, all of which have different ways of making and varying intents of reasoning for their art.

Specific Design Imaging

Art glass styles are very unique and made for specific imaging. The Ring Mottel style is used for contemporary works, typically found in border row pieces, background areas around beveled interior, or in flat panels for lamps. Rippled glass, Herrington granite ripple, granite ripple, and smooth ripple have been used for the purpose of leaves, sparkly border rows, flower petals, and water designs. Fibroid glass is used for border row pieces and geometric lamps and panels. Granite can be used for any use. Streaky glass is used to capture the traditional look of antique stained glass.

Dichroic Glass

Dichroic glass, which originates from Greek, means “two-colored.” Dating back to the 1950’s and 1960’s, dichroic glass was used for optical filtering on the astronauts face shield. Now, dichroic glass is used for jewelry. Intended for awe and beauty, too much of this glass at once repels the eyes. Dichroic glass does not use paints, dyes, gels, or any coloring to create color. The color of this glass is created by the “thin film physics,” which you can be familiarized with by the color of bubbles. This type of glass is on a limited supply somewhat due to the requirement of high-tech equipment.

Stained Glass Windows

Finally, glass art is well known as stained glass windows, most commonly found in churches, but often used in homes for accent pieces or decoration. The use of stained art glass for windows isn’t such a bad idea. This type of glass is quite salvageable and can even be remodeled to a different shape or size. They can be artificially lit (to be used as art display rather than a window). Although thought of as fragile, stained art glass can actually be quite strong itself as long as it is well made and in good condition.

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