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Find Your Front Door Style

The front door is the entrance to your domain and the defining feature of your home’s exterior. More than that, it is also the barrier between the outside world and the tranquility of your home. Why not make it the most attractive, welcoming, and durable door you can?

There are many eye-catching door styles to choose from. When paired with decorative hardware, encased in rock, and highlighted with the right lighting, Your door can really create a striking first impression. After all, curb appeal is quite important. Taking a closer look at the following elements can help spruce up your front door’s curb appeal.

Style - There are endless design options to choose from. Rearranging the panels and glass is one way to create an elegant appearance. Choose from beveled, leaded, or smokey glass panels, and compliment these with matching sidelights. Add beautiful carved wood trims for a more dramatic effect.

Material– A door should be more than attractive. It is imperative that your door is strong and durable as well. As the first defense to the elements, it must hold up under pressure and years of traffic. Doors are manufactured in wood, fiberglass, aluminum, steel, and fiberglass composite. The older wood models were more susceptible to warping and cracking, but the new models are treated and engineered for longevity. Some of the fiberglass and composite models have the appearance of wood, but are stronger and more durable. All can be painted or stained to your preference.

Storm Doors - In harsher climates, a storm door can be a good alternative to a standard door. Energy efficient, strong, durable, and more secure, storm doors can be just as attractive as a standard door. It would be difficult for the average observer to distinguish the difference.

Whether your front door is damaged or you just feel the need to boost your curb-appeal, one of our pre-screened contractors will be happy to discuss your ideas and give you a free-estimate.

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