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Fake Windows the Solution?

Japanese designer Makoto Hirahara is developing and getting ready to introduce a new product that can brighten up your day. The Bright Blind looks like your average set of window blinds, but in reality, it’s a set of electroluminescent slats that you can hang on any way to disguise the fact that you have no window there.

The concept is simple: take a space that is lacking in windows or natural sunlight, like a basement, attic, office or cubicle, and give it the appearance of having access to the outside world and sunshine. Not only is the Bright Blind good at giving appearances, but it actually streams light into the space. The blinds work just like normal blinds in that you can control the amount of light entering the room through the slats by turning the attached wand clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust the electroluminescent sheets. The more you close the blinds, the less light they emit into the room.

There is a bit of controversy over whether or not this is actually a practical or efficient device. On the one hand, it seems a bit silly to try to make it look like you have a window in a space that obviously can’t have a window. Are you really going to be fooling anyone into believing that your cubicle in the middle of a large floor has an exterior window? Probably not. Since the blinds are not available to the public yet, it’s also a bit of an unknown as to how well the lights work and whether they’re efficient or not. Some people believe that a regular light fixture attached to a dimmer switch would be a better option.

On the other hand, it is a neat trick in places where you could possibly have a window and just don’t. It can give a large wall in dark areas a focal point by breaking up the monotony of wall, and also provide a reason for hanging a nice set of curtains, adding to the aesthetics.

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