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Door Knocker Knock-Outs

The door is the first thing your guests see when they come to visit. You have the opportunity to make it inviting and unique by adding a decorative door knocker that sets you apart from the other homes on the street.

The door knocker you choose to adorn your door with is like your own personal calling card. It tells guests something about you and your tastes before they ever enter your home. An Eagle door knocker signifies patriotism and love of America while spurs or horseshoes say that you’re a cowboy or love the Wild West.


Door knockers are made from various materials, such as oil rubbed bronze, brass, cast iron, pewter, stainless steel, and copper. Copper is very popular because it is the only material that doesn’t rust. Instead, it oxidizes and forms a green finish – the oxidation layer makes the metal stronger.

Popular Eras

Some of the more popular eras of door knockers include Victorian, art nouveau, arts & crafts, art deco, contemporary, Spanish style, French baroque, Italian Renaissance, gothic, and medieval.


Various animal heads make the rounds in door knockers, including the traditional lion. Other possibilities you’ll often find are spurs, cowboy boots and horses, owls, roosters, deer, dragons, hands, angels, crabs, scorpions, butterflies, eagles and emblems, gargoyles, fleur-de-lis, musical notes, coyotes baying at the moon, tennis rackets, golf putters, palm trees, and beach sandals, to name a few.

Short History

Door knockers date all the way back to when people began living in homes. The knocker spared a person’s knuckles and, in the winter, spared the guest of having to remove their gloves in order for their knock to be heard. Door knockers were especially popular during medieval times through the 18th century. The electric doorbell, with all its rage, soon took the limelight. Today people use them more as a decoration and to add charm.


These unique and ancient door knockers from Florence reveal exquisite detail, though some are downright bazaar. The embellishments indicate the importance of having a door knocker back then.

My personal favorite is the Southwest Forge door knocker I found at www.thehardwarehut.com

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