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Creative Window Types for the Hallway

Ever walked down the winding corridor of an aquarium? While you were captivated by the fascinated creatures swimming on the other side of the glass, you probably didn’t think about the fact that you were gazing through one large hallway window. Now picture your hallway at home as a walk through an aquarium, only your view is above ground. What types of windows would you want in your hallway? Your window into the world beyond your walls.

If you are lucky enough to have a hallway with an exterior wall, do not be fooled by the stigma that hallways are merely passageways—“nothing to see here” sorts of places. A hallway window is an excellent way to give the home an open feel or accent the overall interior design.

Fixed picture windows can span the length of the hallway. Picture windows tend to be shorter—three to four feet tall at most—but quite long. Hallways are common locations for family pictures, so what better place for a picture window? They can offer great views of the surrounding landscape or a courtyard or alcove garden.

Porthole windows or small hexagonal windows add a unique, seafaring touch to a hallway. They provide some limited light, but these windows are more about mood and style than quantity of light.

Windowscapes replace the entire wall with window glass, taking the panoramic view to its limit. They are fairly rare in hallways—much more common to beach houses and homes with vista views—but in certain situations a glass hallway is just the ticket.

Oriel or garden windows can add some light and life to the hallway. Oriels are like miniature bay windows in that they protrude out from the wall, but they are much smaller. They are supported by brackets and cantilever out, providing a small shelf for windowsill plants and knick-knacks.

Glass block windows offer diffuse light and some fairly impressive imagery on close-in corridor walls when the sun is shining bright.

The general rule for hallway windows is that they be long, so that they add a sense of length and breadth to the hallway and the home as a whole. But there are no penalties for breaking these rules. Hallway windows facilitate a bright transfer between different sections of the house and should reflect the personality of the whole.

Ideas for hallway windows come fairly easy, getting them installed requires the right contractor.

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