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Are You a Blinds or Curtains Person?

When you ask people if they prefer blinds or curtains, most will have a quick answer for you. In addition to the obvious answers of either “blinds” or “curtains,” you’re also likely to hear some people say “neither” or “both” – and these answers all reflect the joys of selecting window coverings. There are so many choices.

If you live in a home with expansive grounds surrounding it, you may feel comfortable with leaving your windows bare. But for most people in urban, suburban, and small town settings, window coverings are usually considered a requirement for privacy and security. In this age of “cocooning,” most people are disinclined to leave the interiors of their homes open to view from the outside, especially at night. So let’s say you fall into this overarching category of needing some type of window coverings. Is it just a matter of taste? Or are there other things to consider?

Custom Blinds

Choosing blinds has an economic benefit because custom blinds can add value to your home. Many buyers are attracted to the ease of purchasing a home equipped with custom blinds because it eliminates the need for selecting and purchasing new window coverings immediately upon moving in. In addition, blinds are generally a “neutral” feature and will work with many styles of home furnishings.

The Traditional Rod and Curtains

Curtains, on the other hand, are much more subject to individual taste and decorating styles. You might say, “One woman’s toile is another woman’s trash.” There are so many options for curtain styles these days that even simple ones in neutral colors are not necessarily guaranteed to please. Because how do you define simple? What about the rod selection? Are the rods decorative or invisible? Etc.

Decades ago, standard pinch-pleated draperies on draw rods were the norm: sheers underneath, and a heavier fabric in off-white or beige on top. Nowadays, about the only place you see that kind of treatment is in motel rooms, and it’s not a style that’s likely to be seen as a selling point for prospective buyers of your home – nor would you be likely to choose that treatment for your own pleasure.

Curtains add softness and texture to rooms and windows, and are generally selected to enhance particular wall colors and home furnishings. They can be a good investment in terms of adding enormous charm and beauty to a room. And curtains can frequently be altered to fit new rooms in new homes, which makes them a part of your permanent home furnishings collection. Although curtains may not add to your current home’s resale value, it might eliminate your need to buy new window coverings in your next home.

Choosing Both

Opting for both blinds and curtains might be the best of both worlds for a curtain lover who also wants the economic benefit and convenience of blinds. Most blinds can be retracted completely away from the window, so even when blinds are part of the overall window treatment, they can be made invisible when the curtains-only look is desired. Another way the blinds-and-curtains option can work is by leaving the blinds in full view and simply using fabric side panels to create the illusion of a fully curtained window, perhaps with a valence of some kind softening the tops and sides of the window treatment and tying it together visually.

Now, when you ask yourself whether you are a blinds or a curtains person, you might answer in the same way as you did initially. Or maybe you may have a new answer, based on new considerations to take into account. In either case, happy window covering to you!

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