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French Doors to Your Balcony

It’s a warm spring morning, and the scents and sounds of nature waft gently through your open French doors, waking you to a new day. Okay, so maybe that sounds a little too much like a fairytale. Enjoying a lovely French door in your home can be picturesque and practical at the same time.

French doors are two adjoining doors inlaid with glass that open from the middle. Use them to be captivated by a beautiful view, expand a room, or add more light to your home. Or, make an elegant entrance onto your balcony by gently melding indoors and out with a classy door.

French doors come in different designs and dimensions and can be specially built to fit your requirements in size, glass type, and opening style, as summarized below:

  • Size. Available in standard five, six, or seven foot doors.
  • Glass. Choose from an unobstructed plain glass door, a simple French rail, or grid panels. If you really want to make a statement, there are stunning leaded glass options. When paired with wooden frames, the look is phenomenal. If privacy is a concern, there are opaque or frosted options to choose from as well.
  • Opening Style. French doors open out, swing in, or come with a sliding option.

Frames are fabricated out of a number of materials. Select from natural woods, colored vinyl, or aluminum. Preorder your door already stained or painted, or work with your contractor to achieve just the right color scheme.

French doors are always considered a refined feature to a home, and they don’t necessarily have to be a large expense. The doors range in price from inexpensive basic models around $200 and increase in price with additional features. The more elaborate the glass and wood, the more expensive the door.

When planning an addition or remodel, window placement is a crucial part of the design. French doors are made with optimum energy efficiency and special glazes can be included for added protection against the sun’s harmful rays. Call one of our certified contractors today to receive a free estimate for your project and open your design to new possibilities.


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