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A window seat has such a cozy, alluring appeal to it. What better place to curl up with a good book on a rainy day or enjoy a warm drink and close conversation with someone special?

An alcove or bay window presents an ideal location for a window seat. If you don’t already have one, it is quite simple for a contractor to poke out your wall and install a beautiful bay window. Not only can you add more natural lighting to your kitchen or other space, but now you’ve created the perfect setting for a window seat. You want your seat to be as relaxing as possible, so be sure to select a spot with maximum privacy.

Have your contractor install Energy Star windows that have a low-E coating to help keep out harmful rays and extreme temperatures. Not only will special glass keep your seat cooler, but it will also prevent fading of your decorative cushions. If you are working with pre-existing windows, your window can be glazed with a special low-emittance coating that will suppress radioactive heat flow.

A window seat can be practical as well as luxurious. Have your contractor build cabinets into the base of the seat, and add valuable storage at the same time. He can either create a custom-built model that opens from the top, or use a pre-manufactured model with front cabinets or drawers.

A window seat can be pretty basic, but you can really dress up the look by adding decorative mouldings, trims, and hardware to the cabinetry. You can easily locate a local upholsterer to custom-build comfortable cushions. Working locally will allow you greater control over fabric and cushion selection, while ensuring the measurements are as precise as possible. There are online cushion options as well. Add plenty of accent pillows to complete your romantic, cozy nook.

If your home needs just a touch of comfort and class, consider adding a window seat.It can actually be an inexpensive way to add a little style and an appealing center piece. Request a free estimate from a remodeling contractor today.

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