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All about Awnings

If you are looking for an attractive way to extend your hours outdoors during warmer weather, adding an awning to your home can be a quick solution that brings shade, protection from the sun, and a cooler home overall.


Different windows require different styles of awnings, but they can be custom built to accommodate each type of window.

  • Awning windows are one option that works well in stormy climates. The panes of an awning window open vertically, and when harsh winds arise to as high as 230 mph, the ventilators lift and lock into place.
  • If you want a softer, more aesthetic look than aluminum, then canvas awnings present an attractive alternative. These can be used on both houses and RVs and will provide cool shade in the hot summer heat. They are easily tucked away when not in use and can come in various colors. They are more vulnerable to weather conditions than aluminum awnings and will require more protection. Even still, they are sealed against fading, rot, and mildew, and will protect your patio and windows for many years, trouble-free.

Energy Efficiency

Aluminum awnings installed over your windows and doors can help to keep your house cooler. The aluminum deflects the heat from the sun, helping to prevent it from entering the house through the windows. By deflecting the harmful UV rays, awnings can also help to protect your furniture from fading. Canvas awnings also help with energy efficiency, some lowering your AC costs by up to 25%.


There are both retractable and manual awnings. Retractable awnings will open and close electronically, simply by pressing a convenient button from inside the home. They can also function without the aid of a motor by the use of a hand-crank roller system. This can be quite convenient in stormy conditions. Manual awnings are more affordable and normally have some form of handle and pole control.

If you want to help your home stay cooler this summer or to provide valuable shade for entertaining or relaxing, then an awning is an excellent solution for you. Request free estimates from prescreened contractors in your area to install your new awnings.

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