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5 Lovely Painted Floors

New flooring can be a large, unwanted expense when remodeling a home, especially if you’re trying a new look in multiple rooms. Instead of replacement flooring, consider letting your inner Michelangelo out. Painting wood flooring can be a fun, inexpensive and stress-relieving way to spruce up your home.

Here are a few painting ideas that look bellissimo:

#1 – Bright & Spacious. If lighting is a challenge in any room, paint the floors a bright, solid color. White, cream or other light colors can make the space look larger and much more open.

Painted floor area rug

#2 – Painted Area Rug. If you want to cover up some high-traffic areas that have been worn, dented or damaged, a painted area rug does the trick. Tape a border around the area you want to paint to ensure neat dimensions. You can be as creative as you like; area rugs are often whimsical, flamboyant, colorful and fun. You might even want to paint a little fringe on the ends to complete the look.

Painted floor beach look

#3 – Beach Cottage. If you live at the beach (or just wish you did), you can give your home that great beach house look by painting your planks white. The look goes especially well with wide wooden planks and wood floors that are scratched and dented, giving your new flooring a distinct distressed look with lots of character.

Painted floor staircase

#4 – Colorful Stairs. Stairs suffer a lot of wear and tear. The break in continuity that naturally occurs in your runs and risers is a great opportunity for mixing and matching styles and colors. You can give your runs one color and the risers another, or do each completely differently. Tie it all together with photos or art hanging on the adjacent wall.

Painted floor patterns

#5 – Patterns. Don’t be afraid to be bold. A large pattern that takes up the entire room can be just the ticket to freshening it up. A 1x1-foot checker pattern can be simple yet pack a huge punch. Try taking a look at all of the vinyl and linoleum floor patterns at the store to give you some ideas.

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