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Ultra Expensive Rugs, Why Are They So Costly?

Last year the world’s most expensive rug sold for $4.45
million to an unnamed buyer. That rug was made of 17th Century Persian silk,
but what are today’s ultra expensive rugs made from? What makes them so
ultra-spendy? A number of factors, including type, style, fabric, design, and


Rug styles or types range from classic Persian to
contemporary, country, Southwest,
traditional, and more. The style of the rug has more to do with personal taste
than price. Just because a rug is Persian does not mean that it is the best or
most expensive rug. A traditional rug could just as easily cost in the
thousands of dollars.


The vast majority of expensive rugs are made from high
quality wool
, or sometimes a combination of wool and silk. These fabrics are not
cheap and certainly add to the cost of the rug. In addition, the most luxurious
rugs will use all-natural dyes to provide the rich and detailed color patterns
and are expensive as well.

The Hands of Time

Still the most illuminating characteristic of an excellent
rug, the one that sets it most apart from its peers, is not what it is made of,
but how it was made. The world’s most luxurious rugs are hand knotted (remember
that rugs are knotted as opposed to stitched), a custom handed down from the
famed oriental rugs of Persia and Tibet.

Because the rug is handmade, it requires a significant
amount of time to manufacturer, especially considering the intricacy of most
designs. Thus making time is the biggest factor driving up the cost of today’s
ultra-expensive rugs.

So How Much Do They Cost?

If it’s ultra-expensive rugs you are in the market for, you
won’t have to look too hard. Compare the, say, $32 price tag of a machine made,
chemically dyed rug to the $6,000-$8,000 cost of a hand woven, luxury rug. This
of course is ignoring the age factor: hand woven, naturally dyed AND antique
rugs can have an amazing price tag…just look back at the first sentence of
this article. If you are antiquing, however, be sure to learn the signs for
telling a fake from the real thing.

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