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Eco-Friendly Pavers

As homeowners, we tend to fret over decision-making when it comes to many of the surfaces inside our home. Which type of flooring should we choose? Which countertops, wall tiles, and shelving? Just as much thought should be going into our outdoor patios and walkways. Eco-friendly pavers are a great way to surround your home with sustainable materials.

Pavement is impermeable and retains heat, making it uncomfortable to walk on in the hot summer months. Concrete slabs are cooler to the touch, but can retain rain water, dirt, and debris and tends to crack and crumble in certain conditions.

The great thing about permeable pavers is that they eliminate all of those problems. They come in various shapes and designs, but are basically open-celled concrete blocks.

They allow air, water, and dirt to drain back into the earth, yet are strong enough to carry the load of your patio furniture, grilling appliances, or even your automobiles.

By using permeable pavers in your driveway, walkways, and patio, rain, snow, and ice drain into the holes, leaving your outdoor surfaces water and ice-free more rapidly than with traditional pavers, pavement, or concrete. This is especially advantageous for preventing injuries due to slips and falls as well as sliding and skidding on ice in your vehicle.

By allowing precipitation to drain through permeable pavers, you will also eliminate rapid runoff that occurs with other materials, thus creating pools and puddles around your driveway or patio and potentially causing ruts as water rushes to the lowest point.

Permeable pavers stay cool during the blazing days of summer and can even allow grass to grow through the holes, should you choose to do so. Both create a surface that is enjoyable to walk across and can create a more cultivated look.

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