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Carpeting: Out of Date, or Evolving With the Times

I think you can safely say carpeting has to be one of the oldest forms of flooring known to civilization. In ancient days, it symbolized wealth and status to have beautifully hand-woven tapestries on your floors to walk upon. Many still enjoy its soft comfort in modern living, but is its popularity beginning to wane with the numerous, more eco-friendly alternatives?

Modern carpets are made from polyester, olefin, rayon, wool, acrylic, or cotton fibers. Unlike yesteryear when they were painstakingly woven together by hand, they are now manufactured by heavy-duty machines that weave and bind them together with plastic backings and strong glue. The carpets are then treated with stain resistant treatments and fire-resistant sealants.

Not only do carpets contain higher VOCs than say wood or concrete flooring, but they are also great traps for dirt, allergens, and other pollutants. Unless of exceptional quality, they tend to wear out in only a few years after installation, especially in areas of high traffic.

There are some organic and eco-friendly alternatives to standard carpeting if your health and green living are of concern to you. Wool fibers are one such product. Other natural fibers include vinyl, reed, seagrass, and mountain grass. These products in many cases will include natural backings and will not have the chemical-based fire and stain guards.

To obtain a good quality of carpeting, you have to pay almost as much and sometimes more than if you were to choose one of the alternatives. Vinyl flooring is quite affordable. Concrete, wood, stone, and tile all can be obtained at reasonable prices, and many have a longer life-span than carpeting.

With so many alternatives being developed to keep-up with the green movement, carpeting is beginning to lose its wide-spread popularity. However, it is still a welcoming surface to set your feet upon first thing in the morning. A common practice in many homes is to have carpeting in the bedrooms, then using another, more practical surface in the rest of the home. Talk to a pre-certified flooring contractor today to further discuss your flooring options.

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