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The Barefoot Appeal of Leather Floor Tiles

Many consider leather tile flooring to be the epitome of
plush, luxurious
. For the bedroom, living room, or any room for that matter,
leather tiles offer a soft but durable and very unique flooring option. Leather
tiles, available in many colors, may also be used on walls, stairs, bars,
columns, and other architectural features.

Leather floor tiles have several unique characteristics that differentiate them from other floors:

  • Leather has an unrivaled feel under bare feet. Considered soft and sensual, the leather actually adjusts to your body temperature instantly (i.e., feels cool in summer, warm in winter).
  • Leather will scrape and scuff, but this only adds to the aged appeal of the surface. Manufacturers hail a copper-like patina that forms with time, giving leather tiles the advantage of growing in appeal over time.
  • The tiles themselves are thin, lightweight, and flexible—unusual in a floor tile.
  • Diversity in color and texture help leather compete in function with its rivals.
  • One cannot ignore leather’s signature scent—as prevalent on a floor as in a new car.

Leather does have very strict installation requirements:

  • Because it is a resilient floor tile, it has a telescopic effect in regard to particles and debris on the floor underneath. Sort of how a glossy paint will show every defect of the wall it coats, a leather tile will eventually show and noticeably accentuate imperfections in the floor.
  • Leather tiles may be placed on an unpainted wooden or concrete surface. Other surfaces will need to be sanded down so that the adhesive will bond. That is yet another reason that the surface in question be absolutely clean and dust-free—to avoid breaking the adhesive bond and showing imperfections.

While leather is an animal byproduct—an issue for a
growing number of consumers—manufacturers elevate its green and eco-friendly
. That is due to its being a byproduct. For instance, using leather
for floor tiles utilizes a byproduct that would otherwise end up in a landfill.
You may also purchase recycled leather floor tiles.

Leather tiles range in color from a cedar-like tan to black
and on to white. Other common colors include green, brick-red and, of course,
rawhide. Leather’s flexibility and texture enables a wide variety of finishes
and variations from embossing, antiquing, distressing and inlays, even laser
engraving. Custom colors and finishes are often available as well.

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