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Bamboo Flooring Facts

Bamboo flooring has become a widespread flooring choice, but why is it so popular? Is it attractive, practical, and functional, or simply a fad?

A renewable and biodegradable resource, bamboo wood has been used for many purposes throughout history. In present times, it has become an eco-friendly flooring option for concerned consumers. Manufactured in short, flat laminated strips, bamboo can be as easy to install as any other hardwood. A renewable and biodegradable resource, bamboo flooring is durable, long-lasting, and available in many beautiful shades of stain. It is competitively priced as inexpensive as $1.88 sqft, and marketed by several different manufacturers. Some of the leading manufacturers are listed below.

There are a few drawbacks to bamboo flooring, but they really are relatively minimal to the many strong points. It is imperative to keep dirt and rocks off of your bamboo flooring as it is very susceptible to scratching and scuffing. Never drag furniture or boxes across your flooring as it may damage the bamboo beyond repair. It is recommended not to wear shoes on your flooring, especially high heels. Avoid rubber-backed rugs, as they tend to discolor the flooring. Bamboo needs to breathe, and rubber will block the needed air space. Be sure to rearrange furniture occasionally to avoid fading of the floor. Remove casters and replace with protective pads. Wipe up spills quickly to avoid staining.

Although these tips can sound overwhelming, maintaining your bamboo floors is actually fairly simple and many of these same precautions should be taken with any wood floor. The manufacturer should provide you with the necessary cleaning products to make your upkeep easier.

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