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Available Recycled Tile

There are multiple eco-friendly flooring choices available for the consumer today, and one such product is recycled tile. With the remarkable recent progress in the green building movement, you can now practically build your whole house out of environmentally safe products. Flooring options have kept up with the flow, and recycled tile is now a popular green choice.

Crossville’s EcoCycle is the first porcelain tile manufactured out of recycled content and certified by the Scientific Certification Systems. This product contains 40% recycled material, does not require chemical sealers, and is LEED compliant. Available in eight beautiful colors that simulate natural earth tones, you can use on the floor, as a backsplash, or in your shower. Slightly more expensive than standard tile, this brand averages $4.50 sq/ft.

TerraGreen recycled glass tiles are another unique and beautiful product. Created by a process called glass fusion, recycled glass from old windows, bottles, and mirrors is combined with natural clays, sand, and silica. The whole process is environmentally friendly, minimizing waste. This tile also doesn’t require any chemicals for installation or sealing.

Recycled Bottle Glass Mosaic Tiles are made out of recycled glass and look stunning in backsplashes, around a pool or hot-tub, or as accent tiles.

ORGANiKS! tile is made out of 100% recycled glass and is available in over 100 different colors. This tile can be used both inside and out. It is water, fire, and mold resistant, and should have a very long life-span.

Your masonry contractor should be familiar with many of the new products on the market, and can provide you with adequate resources to purchase the right look for your project. For a slightly higher investment, you can continue the “green” theme while still enjoying the sturdy and attractive look of tile. Request estimates from professional masonry contractors today.

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