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5 Floating Floor Recommendations

The types of floating floors available to consumers and contractors have expanded from the old days. And that’s a good thing for people who are interested in replacing their old carpet or vinyl flooring. With a wider selection of tongue and groove flooring to choose from, manufactures have improved their product and made it easier to install floating floors.

Tongue and Groove

This is the original floating floor. This thin plank has a real wood or plastic finish and is held together with a tongue or groove system. Boards are cut and glued together to form an entire floating floor. Light tapping with a rubber mallet and other tools gives this floor a firm and almost bouncy feel. It can be a messy job dealing with all the glue, but if done correctly it’s a nice substitute for hardwood floors.

Click Floors

These floating floors don’t require any glue or hammering. These boards stay together because they have a mechanized locking system. They act like tongue and grove but without the glue. They click together to create a unified and durable floating floor. Bigger boards require some extra muscle and determination to lock, but the good news is there’s no glue to deal with.

Lock and Fold

A new variation in floating floors gives us lock and fold floors. It doesn’t require glue or hammering; the flooring is connected by folding individual slats that form an interlocking fit. This is the latest version in tongue and groove style flooring.

Solid Hardwoods

These floating floors aren’t held together by tongue and grove, click systems or lock and fold. These are solid wood floors held together by metal clips. These clips unite each board to form the floating floor. They are installed with some room to expand, which they’ll do as humidity in the house changes. These floors can be sanded down and stained over generations.

Cork floors

They are also known as green floors for their eco-friendly classification. The surface of these tongue grove floors are made of 100 percent high density cork. Not only are they good for the environment, they are also terrific as acoustic insulators.

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