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10 Tile Sources

In the world of home improvement, tile has come a long way, baby. Where once tile was used strictly for floors, countertops, and tub surrounds (and typically in only very boring colors and patterns), now they can be used pretty much anywhere you have a vertical or horizontal space. Tiles can be found in bathrooms, kitchens, home offices, or even as accents in tables, trivets for hot dishes, or art for hanging on the walls.

With all the new practical and artful uses for tile, there are also numerous new sources for ordering tile. Here are ten:

Lubna Chowdhary is a talented artist in the United Kingdom who designs her own line of tiles and sells them internationally on their own or embedded in other objects like hot plates or tables. Each tile is hand glazed and the result is a wide array of very artistic tiles that grab the eye and hold on.

Terry Tiles is a company located in Miami, Florida that sells unique hand-painted tiles and sinks by artist Terry Kaplan. Not only does Terry hand-paint unique patterns and pictures on her tiles and sinks, she is also open to custom designs. If you have something in mind—a color, pattern, picture, etc.—she’ll work with you to create a work of art that is just for you.

The Armenian Ceramics-Balian of Jerusalem has a huge variety of gorgeous tiles for any purpose. Their hand-painted ceramic tiles are truly unique and offer that Mediterranean feel. They make murals, wall tiles, floor tiles, pool tiles, plates, and other types of pottery and model the artwork on them after the stylings of Marie Balian, a Beux Arts graduate.

Bold Living Color offers unique handcrafted tiles using a variety of tile media, including glass, mirror, ceramic, and lead-free pewter. Each tile has artistic patterns embedded, etched, or raised on the surface. The tiles found here are truly something to look at (and touch).

Payne Creations, located in Missouri, offers all hand-painted tile murals by artist Carolyn Payne, who has been making custom and historic murals for nearly 25 years. She is now offering her skills for making custom tile murals for homes, historic places, and commercial buildings. Her murals have many distinct uses like outdoor art, fountains, kitchen backsplashes, showers, and more.

Jerusalem Pottery, also located in Israel and offering unique tiles, has a great availability of tile murals, tile borders, tile accents, patio tiles, stair riser tiles, framed tiles, plates, and other ceramic tiles and gifts of various themes.

Monterey Ceramic Tile, located in southern California, has a lot of great tiles, arranged on their site by theme. There are “animal crackers,” which are letters of the alphabet painted on tiles, each with an animal representing that letter intertwined with the letter. Other themes include glass art, Malibu, metals, mosaic water glass, heritage, nature, playtime and many, many more.

Tiles with Style. The name pretty much says it all. You’ve never seen tiles and murals like these. Unique just isn’t the proper word. They describe themselves as making “quality craftsmanship, elegant designs, and custom colorations,” but you really have to see it to understand what an understatement that is. Murals take on all different shapes and seem to be of a world all their own. Floors are transformed into alligator swamps, walls become forest floors in the fall—it’s truly amazing.

Anima Tile is located in Laredo, Texas but has showrooms in 18 other U.S. locations. The company’s founder and owner, Lucinda Johnson, is a sculptor and painter and has combined her talents into the company’s unique textured tiles. You won’t find any flat ceramic tiles here - each one has a unique piece of artwork that seems to cling to the tile, giving it lovely dimension.

Earth Song Tile is run by husband and wife team Shannon and John Gresham, who have been hand painting, designing, and making ceramic tile for about 15 years. The couple offer a wide variety of tiles made for accent pieces, borders, mosaics, and art/décor. Themes found at Earth Song include Celtic patterns, flora, fauna, mythology, and custom designs of your own choosing.

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