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5.67 Megawatt System Breaks Ground in Germany

In the municipality of Aldersbach in Lower Bavaria, they’ve broken ground on a 5.67-megawatt (MW) solar power plant that will be grid-tied by the end of 2009. That’s flat-out impressive.

The speedy installation is made possible by using steel earth screws to mount the 32,400 solar panels that will be manufactured by Solea AG. The array will use 15 Solarmax 330C central inverters. Solarmax is a Swiss-based company. The earth screws provide minimal land impact and vastly expedite the amount of time it takes to install the the PV-Eiwa Systemtechnik manufactured fixed tilt-frame system that the panels will mount on.

The 5.67-MW system is large by US standards, although there a few big ones in the US too and more on the way. A comparably sized solar power plant in the US provides power for about 4,000 homes. If that region of Germany uses less per household than the typical US house (which they certainly do), then the number of homes powered will be larger.

In any case, it’s pretty neat that a 5-MW system is going up in less than two months and will be fully operational no less. Speed like that is valued by everyone, from companies concerned about labor cost to environmentalists saying “the time is now!”

(source: RenewableEnergyWorld.com)

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