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Welcome to the Solar Insect Theater

Goodbye bug zapper. Hello bug trapper! Here’s a weird gift for the entomologist in your family. This device isn’t so electrically cruel as a bug zapper but does seduce insects with its bright light. Only, this irresistible shine issolar-powered.

If using solar power to create a backyard insectarium seems a little strange, it is. No doubt many of our readers will take issue with a device that lures and traps insects for our arguably sadistic pleasures. However, the Solar Insect Theatre is a two-way street. It’s designed to attract insects into the trap, where you can enjoy watching them flit and flutter about, and then allow them to find their way out again.

The theatre is also made of FSC-certified wood and the lower shelf contains several holes for Solitary bee nests. Add in the solar power used for lighting, and you have a very green, if odd, solar product. As Treehugger points out, it could present a neat way to teach kids about insects and solar energy, unless you have a problem with insect entrapment. A side access door enables Theatre owners to add twigs, leaves and other furniture for their temporary inhabitants. It also allows for the removal of insects for study.

The Solar Insect Theatre retails for £29.45 ($47.11) at Ecotopia.

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