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Rotating Solar Home

So, we’ve heard of homes that have zero net-energy usage, but how about a home that makes more energy than what it requires—five times more, to be exact? It may be hard to imagine, but such is the incredible functionality of the the Heliotrope solar powered home by Rolf Disch.

The first home to actually feed its excess energy back into the power grid, the Heliotrope was designed to collect as much solar energy as possible by following the sun’s rays. In order to aid in the process, the home is equipped with one 6.6-kW rooftop solar panel (appropriately dubbed the Sun Sail), and vacuum solar thermal collectors set up on its many balconies.

Coolest of all, because the solar panels move, they’re able to collect 30 to 40 percent more energy than other solar panels.

Other green features added to this ground-breaking design include triple-paneled thermal-insulated glass to maximize use of the sun’s light, hand railings with solar thermal tubing to aid in heating water, rainwater collectors, and a waste-water purification system.

To date, three Heliotrope homes have been built.

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