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New Technology Offers Reliable Hybrid Power to Remote Locations

Most RV owners know what it’s like to need power in remote locations, where plugging in isn’t possible. For this reason, many RVers have generators on-board. For a smaller section of off-grid adventurists, as well as oil and gas companies, electric and telecommunication utilities, remote power access is necessary on a much more permanent basis.

Solar power is a promising new technology that can offer remote power cleanly and rid the world of dirty, noisy and cumbersome gasoline or diesel generators. However, says Global Thermoelectric, solar power can be unreliable. Especially in climates above 40 degrees latitude, where average solar radiation is relatively low. Extended bad weather and long nights put too much of a drain on remote solar system batteries.

So, Global Thermoelectric, aptly based in Calgary, Alberta, is bringing the best of both worlds together with the GlobalSolarHybrid system. It is first and foremost a solar power generator, but should nights get long and the days cloudy, the Thermoelectric Generator (TEG) will kick on to ensure continuous power. The TEG runs on either natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

The breakthrough offers the unique advantage of green power and reliability, a very big deal for those working or living in remote areas. Obvious beneficiaries of the technology would be the military, security, energy and scientific fields. TEG uses very little fuel and emits a very small amount of greenhouse gas emissions relative to most remote electric generators that run on gasoline or diesel.

Of course, there’s no arguing against the prospect that a 1000-percent solar power system would (and hopefully will) be ideal, but conversion efficiency and battery technology are holding that prospect back right now. And there’s no arguing against the usefulness of GlobalSolarHybrid in northern regions that experience solar night or long winters.

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