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Land Secured for 100-MW Solar PV Production in CA

The Solar Energy Initiatives subsidiary company, Solar Park Initiatives, has secured a contract that encompasses land, construction and operation of a 100-megawatt solar park in Southern California. The planned installation will begin late in 2010, once all permits and regulatory processes, such as EPA approvals, have been completed. The plan is to build the “park” (taken from the term, Wind Park, which equates a field of energy generating wind turbines) in three stages over the course of three years.

Solar Park Initiatives is to be responsible for all construction, operation and maintenance duties, while Solar Energy Initiatives will procure the technology to bring the project into an operational stage. The contract lasts for 25 years with options to renew, likely a good choice with the estimated lifespan of a PV panel hovering right around that mark.

Solar Energy, Inc. was founded in 2001 as a manufacturer and distributor of solar panels. In 2004, the company founded their “acclaimed” energy dealership program and support team, which has over 30 years of solar experience in manufacturing, designing and applying the technology. It was in 2008 that the company became Solar Energy Initiatives, when the group acquired the assets and changed their name to what it is currently.

David Fann, CEO of Solar Energy Initiatives, based in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, said that this move “represents strong validation that Solar Energy Initiatives and Solar Park Initiatives’ synergistic relationship is extremely capable of securing large-scale contracts and expanding market presence.” The ultimate goal is encouraging publicly traded investment, and the company dedicates a large portion of its site to laying out investor relations. Although, by encouraging that investment, the company will also boost revenues and status for securing additional contracts, another factor in the much-desired “increased shareholder value.”

Solar installations are growing, not just in number, but in proposed size across the US. Part of it may be the federal mandate that 10 percent of the nation’s power consumption come from renewable forms by 2012. However, the federal decree can do nothing but create an inviting climate for investing and expansion - it’s the people that are getting into it. Projects like this one by Solar Initiatives are telltale signs of solar’s growing acceptability as a viable option for creating energy without the smokestacks. Always good to be moving forward.

And this isn’t the only project Solar Initiatives is planning. Their new campaign, “Renew the Nation,” which is geared toward homebuilders and contractors hit hard by the economic downturn. The idea behind the project is to retrain this sector via “Solar University” (also part of Solar Initiatives), so that they can become viable installers to both help the nation become energy independent and to bolster the economy. Eventually, it looks like Solar Energy Initiatives could move itself into a place in the nation’s market to become a genuine utility. That’s their plan, at least. They may be just another hat in the to-be utility ring, but at this point, hats in the ring are a good sign.

Solar Energy Initiatives is publicly traded under the ticker symbol, SNRY. For their investor relations site, click here.

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