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Tour an Energy Star House

Energy Star is not only a beacon for eco-friendly shoppers, but a primary resource for consumers, retailers and manufacturers alike. Suppliers and manufacturers can do well for their businesses by becoming an Energy Star partner. Consumers can learn what to buy and who to buy it from.

So, if there’s still a part of your home you haven’t considered for an energy upgrade, then take a virtual tour of the ultimate Energy Star house. This program guides us, room-by-room, through the typically designed home, highlighting each and every space where energy upgrades or conservation can be helpful. This includes lifestyle tips (like turning off the light when leaving a room), weak spots for insulation, and reminders about available Energy Star-rated products.

The tour is an in depth and user-friendly interface. It covers activities from raking the leaves (rather than using a gas blower) to sealing the small holes where wires run from the basement to the upper floors. The Energy Star home has a basement, outdoors, dining room, kitchen, living room, office, bathroom, bedroom, attic, garage and front porch. Simply click on the Blue Star to learn.

If you’d prefer a tour guide through the Energy Star home, then click on the Video Podcast and sit back while Tom Kraeutler of The Money Pit radio show walks you through the program.

Homeowners that aspire to a home solar power system should pay extra attention to the Energy Star home tour in preparation for the most efficient and cost-effective solar power system possible.

Click here to take your own tour.

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