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Encore Energy Systems Adds Solar Power to its Portfolio

Encore Energy Systems’ primary claim to eco-friendly fame has been their standalone alternative fuel generators. Now, however, the preparations are all but complete as the company gets set to launch its solar power products.

As Encore Energy’s press release stated, “The addition of solar-based systems complements the Company’s current multi-fuel stationary power systems and its alternative energy growth strategy.” But exactly what these solar energy systems will entail remains unclear.

The business unit, including products, was scheduled to be up on the company’s website during the week of August 10, but was still absent at time of press on Friday of that week. Attempts to reach the company also came up nil.

Based on Encore Energy’s other products, one would assume that their solar products would be modular, perhaps hybrid systems similar to those we’ve seen applied in India. Yet the only photograph for solar energy currently up on the website shows a rooftop evacuated tube solar hot water system.

Is this really new technology?

The company may just be adding existing technology to its portfolio. The most apparent answer is simply that Encore Energy will enter the solar industry determined to penetrate the green economy.

On the other hand, a company which specializes in alternative fuel generators should have a lot to offer the solar industry, especially for applications in the developing world and if compact enough, for American consumers’ own fleet of recreational vehicles. The potential is there - we’ll just have to wait and see exactly how Encore Energydecides to broaden their energy portfolio.

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