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Alstom to Provide 92 MW of Hydro Equipment To Nambia

Alstom Hydro, a company with over 100 years of experience in hydro-electric generation secured a contract with Andritz Hydro to provide 92 megawatts-worth of equipment to Nam Power, Nambia’s top energy utility. The equipment will be placed at the Ruacana power plant on the Kuene River near the Angola border. The Ruacana power plant provides approximately 80% of Nambia’s annual electrical generation capability.

Alstom Hydro reportedly also supplied the hydro-generating equipment to Ruacana during the plant’s initial construction in 1977. Alstom Hydro will supply a generator set, an excitation system, the control and protection system, and electrical auxiliary systems. The company said it will also handle the turnkey installation, commissioning and testing of the new unit, which is expected to begin commercial operations in March 2012. The Alstom unit has an efficiency rating of 93.3%.

The new unit will become the main production unit for the Ruacana power plant and is the first investment towards an upgrade by Nam Power in several years. This new generator will outstrip the production value of the three existing 82-megawatt units, and the upgrade will help ease Nambia’s dependence on energy imports while supplying the country with clean and renewable energy for years to come.

I hope they find a way to keep the fish healthy and swimming though. Always a fear for a fisherman or naturalist.

Neat fact: Altom Hydro generators represent 25% of global hydro-electric production capability worldwide.

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