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One Block Off the Grid Expands Online Tool Features

One Block Off the Grid is a solar installation collective bargaining group that was founded in 2008 in San Francisco. 1BOG has grown and now expanded its online estimate tool to allow you to play around with new features, like where you want the panels placed on your roof. Originally, the tool only allowed you to select your roof (via Google Earth-type technology) and told you whether there were other 1BOG prospects in your area. It’s one more innovation for an exciting new company.

A collective bargaining group such as 1BOG collects inquiries and leads from folks in your neighborhood, and when enough of the neighborhood signs up, 1BOG brokers a deal with a local solar installer. The result? Massive savings for the consumer. For instance, 1BOG is currently running a promotion in the Bay Area that boasts installed prices as low as $5.53/watt, well below industry average. Normally, they are not that low, but you get the idea. 1BOG has pilot programs in multiple US cities, primarily on the West Coast.

The drawbacks of 1BOG are both its relative newness to the business and the need for your neighbors to show their interest in the program, too, so you can get that whopping deal. Of course, what better way to generate word-of-mouth advertising than to necessitate it? 1BOG is a very neat concept and if it gains popularity, it could find a very profitable niche in the residential solar market. If you haven’t heard of them, check them out. You might be surprised to find you aren’t the only one in your neighborhood thinking of going solar.

Source: ZDNet.com

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