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Maintaining Stucco Siding

Whether used in a modern and contemporary neighborhood, or to accentuate the warm terracotta roof of a Spanish hacienda, stucco siding has a unique look all its own. With the ability to by dyed or painted any color imaginable, there is no question stucco is visually appealing. As with any product, it helps to know of any drawbacks along with the strong points.

Installation. Stucco siding is applied by spreading or spraying a wet mixture of Portland cement and limestone over wire lath or fiber-cement board sheathing. It will require two or three coats, and can either be dyed ahead of time, or painted when dry. A process that requires a high amount of skill, it is recommended a professional do the work for best results.

Durability. Stucco siding is fireproof, durable, solid, and can last for many years if properly maintained. Additionally, it is a porous material so that any moisture absorbed will quickly evaporate back out. One drawback to traditional stucco is that it can crack with building movement; but these cracks can be easily repaired.

Maintenance. Hose off occasionally, repaint as needed, and have any cracks filled whenever they appear. Although stucco is considered to have a long lifespan, you can always re-stucco your home at any point.

There is a product that resembles stucco on the market referred to as Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS). This product consists of an acrylic-polymer coat of Styrofoam that is installed much the same way as traditional stucco. Not only is it more expensive, but it is also more vulnerable to weather extremes and is not considered as durable as traditional stucco. Although originally heralded as the “up and coming,” more water resistant form of stucco, this product has developed more of a bad reputation in recent years and is losing its popularity. Sometimes, its problems can be confused with stucco.

Overall, stucco is considered a durable and desirable choice for siding. For best results, hire a certified professional to install your siding.

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