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Eco-Friendly Primer

The most damage to your home’s exterior comes from nature itself. It’s exposed to the elements, which can be extreme in temperature or moisture, and is subject to dirt, debris and insects as well.

All of these things can cause rot, ruin and damage to the home, costing you hundreds to thousands of dollars on home repairs and regular maintenance.

So how do homeowners fight back? Preventative maintenance is always a good place to start. Hyperseal, a Palm Desert, CA home products company, has created a new line of products under the brand Hyperflex to protect your home. Hyperflex Primer keeps your home well-insulated and sheltered from damage caused by moisture.

What’s in it?

Hyperflex is a combination of recycled rubber and glass particles densely suspended in a water-based, non-toxic, and non-carcinogenic acrylic paint.

Where to apply:

You can apply this eco-friendly primer to virtually any surface of your home, including your roof, siding, interior walls and even outdoor furniture to keep it waterproof and give it a durable finish. Even better, the coating was made to be able to fill in gaps and small holes, and produce an even finish to joints, seams, fixtures and other weak areas so that the protection and durability it offers are constant.

Benefits of Hyperflex

If applied correctly (to a clean, dry surface), the Hyperflex Primer will help to keep vulnerable parts of the home from shrinking and swelling with temperature changes. The product can be applied as typically as any other paint, primer or finish: with a brush, roller or sprayer and will dry in just four to six hours, curing in one full day.

Green Stats

In keeping with the company’s goals to provide “better products,” the Hyperflex line of home products contain no toxic contaminants and emits no greenhouse gas emissions. Other Hyperflex products include Multipurpose Caulk, Driveway Caulk and Pool Coating.

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