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The Spanish Tile Roof

Roofing shingles come in multiple materials including wood, composite, and asphalt; but one material that stands apart from the rest is the Spanish style, natural clay tile. Definitely a beautiful and warm look, but are clay tiles durable as well?

Most Spanish tiles are made from 100% natural materials. Clay tiles are made by mining clay directly from the earth and then processing it through fire-casting. This process produces durable tiles in a wide-range of captivating earth tones.

The look of Spanish tiles works well on Southwestern or Mexican themed homes, and is normally combined with stucco siding. The clay produces a whole range of deep reds, browns, and tans that look striking against light-colored siding. Antique clay tiles come in multiple shades of red and some shades of green. You have the option of creating a variegated effect on your roof, or sticking with one color.

The tiles come in a variety of shapes designed to fit different purposes. Some are shaped to provide venting, while others support proper drainage:

  • One Piece S Clay Tile - a larger tile that is shaped like an “S.”
  • Mission style - the modern version of Spanish tile, shaped in the form of a half-circle. The tiles are alternated in installation, one facing-up that is then overlapped by one facing downward.
  • Monarch Mission - a small half-circle similar to mission style, but all installed in a facedown manner.
  • Romano Pan - a flat style that curves up at the edges
  • Antique Tiles - at least 30 years old, with the graceful signs of patina from age

Tile roofing in general is considered very durable and will not rot, burn or be damaged by pest infiltration. Some drawbacks to tile include how heavy it can be, possibly requiring extra support, and some of the modern varieties tending to fade in color. They can also break easily, although that shouldn’t present too large of a problem unless there is a high amount of traffic on your roof.

Tile roofing must be carefully installed to prevent leakage. Your professional installer should pay particular attention to ridges and other seams, ensuring that they are properly sealed and waterproofed. Request free, no-obligation estimates from certified roofing contractors in your area.

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