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Roofing Décor Ideas to Zest Things Up

Looking to dress up your roof? With the stylish selection of roofing décor available you can make a personal statement about what you’re passionate about.

If you own a cottage or you’ve renovated an old school house or church into a home, topping the roof with an antique bell would ad a nice finishing touch.

Bird houses are an interesting idea for adorning your roof. If you want the charm but don’t really want the bird droppings just seal up the hole with wire mesh.

More ideas to add some zest to your roof:

Lightening rods

Lightening rods are unique and come adorned with cobalt blue or ruby red balls. You don’t see many lightening rods on the West Coast, so if that’s where you live then you could be the next neighborhood trend setter by placing one on your rooftop.

Weather vanes

The earliest recorded weather vane was from 48 B.C. To the ancients, the winds had divine powers. 9th century bronze Viking weather vanes were discovered that had the design of an animal or creature from Norse fable. These vanes were commonly used on Viking ships and Scandinavian churches. The history of weather vanes is long and deep and there are two things that are clear; they will tell you the wind’s direction and you can personalize them with your own coat of arms, metaphorically speaking.

Weather vanes are commonly made with copper, bronze, aluminum, and steel. Styles range from antique European to the newest sculptural designs in non-traditional materials. Here are a handful of designs that are easily available in America:

Roosters, horses, moose, deer, cows, ducks, eagles, Indians, sheep, angels, mermaids, dolphins, ships, whales, arrows, moons, suns, stars, airplanes, trout, motorcycles, antique autos, locomotives, golfers, fire trucks, dragons, grasshoppers, and the list goes on.

Whitehall cupolas can serve as roof ornaments, ventilation, and as mounting pieces for a weathervane.

Gable decor

Gable decorations date back to ancient Greek and Roman times. In ancient times these spaces were used to showcase artwork, carvings, and statuettes. They’re not commonly used today, as builders opt for cleaner lines, however, they’re a great way to add some flavor to your roof.

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