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Roof Beams: Types and Possibilities

In times past, roof beams were a crucial part of roof construction. They were the anchoring point and the strength of the whole roof. With the development of structured roofing systems, otherwise known as trusses, roof beams began to dwindle in usage. They are still used, but now tend to be more commonly used for aesthetic and decorative purposes.

Structural Roof Beams

Here is an example of roof beams for structural purposes: Roof Support Beams. The step-by-step process demonstrates how the beams are placed and then the supporting rails attached. You can see how the beams play a role in the interior design as well: Early Interior. Accompanied by tongue and grove panels, they help to create that beautiful rustic look so popular in log cabins.

Decorative Roof Beams

Do you want the look of solid wood beams without depleting our forests? These faux wood beams come in many lovely designs that imitate real wood. Lighter than actual wood, these beams are also easier to install after construction is finished. Faux beams are less expensive, eco-friendly, easy to install, maintenance free, and resistant to insect and water damage. These beams are made out of a polyurethane material that can be painted or stained just like real wood.

Another popular style in modern design is the addition of antique or distressed wood beams to a contemporary interior. Recycling or using reclaimed lumber can also produce beautiful products. Beams are not restricted to ceiling use only. They can also be used as mantle pieces or other decorative trims: Reclaimed Lumber - Wood.

Whether new, antique, composite, faux, or reclaimed, wood beams can add style and beauty to an otherwise drab interior. Request free estimates from prescreened contractors in your area to incorporate beams into your home.

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