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Upgrade Your Way to Better Sleep

At one point in everyone’s life, getting enough sleep becomes an issue. Tossing and turning while trying to find the comfort zone sometimes leaves us with less than 100% of the sleep we need.

Finding solutions to sleep deprivation isn’t always easy. The problem may be coming from an undiagnosed aliment, or it could be caused by sleeping on the wrong type of mattress. Sometimes all it takes is a little upgrade to your bedroom situation to bring about a permanent solution to those sleepless nights.

Windows Treatments

Having the right window treatment in the bedroom is an important element to good sleep. You don’t want a cave, but keeping the room darker promotes a more peaceful sleeping environment. A versatile window treatment that blocks morning daylight is ideal for this room. Translucent or sheer daytime curtains should also be used in conjunction with this window treatment.

Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan is optional. It will circulate the air and also provide a subtle audio cue to tell the body it’s time to go to bed. Ceiling fans are also great to use with crank or sliding windows; this provides a more pleasant nighttime sleeping experience.


Having a comfortable mattress and pillow can be the answer for a deep sleep. Memory foam is rated as one of the top sleeping surfaces in the world for revolutionary beds, mattresses, foam toppers, and pillows. Pillows made of the same material are also recommended to ease pressure on joints and for improved sleeping habits.

Ultra soft sheets have the highest thread count and are well worth the extra cost, especially if it the end result is sleeping like log. Look for sheets with 400 to 500 thread count. This will raise the bed’s comfort level, which in turn, could solve a sleeping disorder.

To adjust to changes in temperature, use seasonal bedding, such as a thicker comforter for winter and a thinner one for summer.

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