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Teak: Champion of the Outdoors

Teak wood is incredibly unique among furniture materials. Teak needs no protection from the elements, lasting for several decades unfinished and in any climate. That is quite a resume for a piece of outdoor furniture and one that has earned teak a very high status among furniture materials. As you might expect from such a sweet deal, teak is also very rare and therefore expensive: top reasons why you don’t find it on every patio in the country.

In some circles teak is also considered eco-friendly because of its long life expectancy, one that often spans generations in a family. In sunnier climes, over time teak furniture may turn a silvery color, but it has no effect on the strength or quality of the wood itself. Furniture applications for teak include outdoor dining tables, benches, chairs, chaise loungers, shade umbrellas, and more. In addition to weather resistance, teak wood is also termite and decay resistant.

Teak trees are native to Asia, are deciduous, and grow to over one hundred feet in height. Its native lands being on the other side of the world only makes teak furniture more rare in the United States, but by no means unheard of. Furniture, however, is not the only use for teak wood.

Teak paneling has more widespread uses than outdoor furniture. Wall panels, veneer for furniture, and boating are just some of the uses for teak panels, which have a natural color range from yellowish-brown to deep brown. Even as paneling, teak does not need to be sealed and it can be difficult to successfully do so. If sealing is your choice, then it is best to use specifically designed teak sealers.

You know you’ve got a hardy outdoor chair when it could double as a boat building material. Teak furniture and paneling has a durability unrivaled among its peers. Teak furniture—it is (literally) furniture for a lifetime.

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