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Remodel with Cool Sound-Absorbing Wool Panels

Ever wish your home was soundproof? Hear too much through walls shared with neighbors that keep the stereo on too high and make loud passionate love at all hours of the night? Or maybe you have kids and wonder what peace and quiet sound like. Then again, perhaps you yourself are the noisemaker and have recently become remorseful about that.

Soundproof wool panels

Whatever the reason, sound-absorbing wool panels are in your future. Gone are the days of ugly ceiling and wall tiles that promise good acoustics or sound absorption. This is the hour of innovative solutions, like products by Swedish company, Lomakka, that are at once practical, aesthetic, warm, and best of all, wooly.

Soundproof wool panels

These panels have many applications for the home; you can put them anywhere for any purpose. They can be free-standing or attached to walls, floors or suspended from the ceiling. Although the company has several different series of sound-absorbing panels, they are generally carpet-like in nature, with felt, yarn loops or tassels protruding from a wool-based pad foundation.

Soundproof wool panels

A series of textiles are formed together to make panels that are soft to the touch, easy on the eyes and highly soundproof. Sound absorption was the main goal behind the creation of these panels, but it’s easy to ascertain that the larger the area you cover with them, the more energy efficient the room will be, as they create a layer of insulation that can also help retain the heat within a room or assist with keeping it cool.

Soundproof wool panels

The panels are very artsy by nature. They have a knack for being both stylish in appearance and efficient in function. So go ahead, make all the noise you want - no one ever needs to know what you’re up to.

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